Auto maintenance is one of those rare things that is super easy to do and gives you real benefits. Sure, something like working out and going to the gym gives you benefits, but it can also be hard and time consuming. 

Coming in to All Around Auto Repair for routine auto maintenance, on the other hand, can usually be done in under an hour, provides years of benefits to your vehicle, and doesn’t require you to lift a finger. 

Routine Auto Maintenance Provides Value

Auto Maintenance

Then there’s the fact that putting off routine auto maintenance for too long could void your warranty or lead to more serious problems down the road. 

Just consider the fact that a rebuilt transmission, on average, starts at $2,800 and an outright replacement runs upwards of $4,000. You can avoid all that hassle and expense by simply getting routine auto maintenance. 

By doing so, you’ll save in the short term as well since getting your oil changed, rotating your tires, topping off your transmission fluid, and keeping your tires inflated are bound to improve your gas mileage and savings at the pump on every fill up. 

The really cool thing is that while you’re reaping the benefits over the short term – and avoiding breakdowns! – you’ll likely get more value for your car by improving its resale value. How’s that? 

A vehicle that’s been taken care of throughout your years of ownership is going to have far less wear-and-tear damage than a vehicle that’s gone 15 rounds against the elements without ever resting in the corner between rounds. 

Preventive auto maintenance at All Around Auto Repair keeps your vehicle in great shape whether you plan on selling it or not. And, if you’re running a fleet, then regular auto maintenance leads to improved efficiency, savings on fuel costs, fewer breakdowns and mishaps, and more driver safety. 

Drive in the City? Consider This…

If you do a lot of driving in the city and really pump the brakes a lot, then just consider all of that wear-and-tear you’re putting on your brake pads. The more that you brake in stop-and-go traffic, the more frequently that you’ll have to change the brake pads on your vehicle. 

Squeaking or squealing sounds coming from your vehicle every time you hit the brakes is a tell-tale sign that you need to come in to All Around Auto Repair to have your brakes checked. Some cars even have metal ridges on the bottom of the brake pad to let you know when your brake pads needs replacing. 

That’s what makes the screeching metal sound on some worn-out brake pads. Brake pad manufacturers made brake pads this way so that drivers would know when they needed replacing. If you avoid putting off auto maintenance even through all that ruckus, though, then you risk doing serious metal-on-metal damage. 

Another thing that would be really good for the technicians at All Around Auto Repair to take a look at is your air filter. Your vehicle’s air filter prevents harmful debris and contaminants from entering your vehicle’s engine, fuel lines, and radiator. 

You should get your air filter changed about every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes around sooner. Your engine basically need a lot of air to function the right way, and air filters help to keep the air clean before it reaches your engine’s cylinders. 

Doing all of the little things like changing your air filter every 12 months or so leads to huge savings down the line. Take your vehicle in today and set up a routine auto maintenance schedule for life!