All vehicle owners should know that one very important thing they must do is carry out regular preventative maintenance as a way to ensure their car, van or SUV is functioning properly at all times and as part of this maintenance it is critical that vehicles get an oil change regularly .

When is The Right Time for an Oil Change?

Oil ChangeEven though getting a regular oil change is crucial there are many people who aren’t exactly sure when this might be necessary. According to recent research conducted most vehicle manufacturers recommend that oil changes be performed every 7,500 -10,000 miles though some makers may specify changes every 5,000 miles. Nevertheless despite the recommendations provided by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual how often a vehicle should get an oil change can certainly be determined by certain driving habits as well as the age and model type.

Factors That Determine When an Oil Change is Required

One of the most common causes of reduced oil life is driving short distances below highway speeds.  There is also a popular saying that “5,000  miles on the highway in five months is way better than 1,500 miles of in-town driving within that same five months period.”

Another factor that can very well determine when a vehicle should get an oil change is the make and model. Experts have suggested that drivers with normal driving habits and driving a 2009 model should have the oil changed every six months or 7,500 miles. Drivers driving a 2006 model would need a change every 5,000 miles or six months whichever comes first.

Getting an Oil Change Provides an Opportunity to Conduct Further Maintenance

Aside from getting an oil change vehicle owners can also use this as an opportunity to otherwise inspect vehicles to ensure that all is well. Checking to see if brake fluid and coolant are adequate, making sure hoses and clamps are in place and checking or changing spark plugs can certainly go a long way and will serve to keep vehicles in excellent working condition.

Since it’s been established how regular oil changes can enhance the performance of your vehicle it leaves you to ask yourself “ Is my vehicle due for an oil change?” Don’t hesitate check your vehicle today to see whether or not an oil change is due.

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