“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If you prefer to avoid fleet vehicle maintenance until it’s obviously necessary, you are probably a fan of that quote. But many don’t realize that the original quote also warned against “not fixing things that are broken.”

The smart money is on preventive auto maintenance with a customized approach. Your cars and trucks might not need a hundred-point checklist of monthly fleet vehicle maintenance. Some fleets go by mileage; others schedule quarterly inspections. It all depends on the specific vehicles and how much they’re on the road.

With that in mind, check out our tips for fleet vehicle maintenance and plan on a series of frequent inspections and occasional tune-ups.

Inspect Your Fleet Vehicles Often

Fleet Vehicle MaintenanceDrivers and supervisors can eyeball a lot of issues. Then it’s simply a matter of making the repair right away or noting it for the next scheduled service.

On the exterior, look for tire damage, broken headlights or mirrors, loose gas caps, box body damage, roll up doors that get stuck, and so forth. Then go a step further and test the tire pressure, check the oil level with a dipstick, and so forth.

Keep track of the mileage when specific problems occur. That way you can anticipate similar problems in the future and plan fleet vehicle maintenance around those benchmarks.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Every 3K to 5K Miles

A lot of fleets we service need an inspection and tune-up about once per month, or at least every 5,000 miles. Staying on top of fleet vehicle maintenance like this can help you reach an extra hundred thousand miles in the long run.

We know that fleet managers do not want to waste time or money on “over-maintenance,” though. All Around Auto Repair keeps things simple with an inspection checklist and any services that you request based on what your drivers have reported over the last month.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance at 10K Miles and Beyond

Whether you have box trucks making deliveries all over California or a fleet of transit vehicles for a hotel or hospital, you need a plan in place to prevent serious engine problems and keep vehicles running smoothly at all times. Come in for fleet vehicle maintenance at least every few months to take care of auto services such as:

  • Oil testing for metal deposits from bad engine parts
  • Full engine inspection
  • Fuel injection line cleaning and repair
  • Brake testing, brake repair and replacement
  • Inspect and replace belts and hoses
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Steering fluid replacement
  • Tire alignment and rotation
  • Full fleet vehicle tune-up

Develop a Plan for Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Once you’ve found a local auto repair shop that you can trust to provide fleet vehicle maintenance services that you need, you can feel confident about implementing a service plan. All Around Auto Repair works on cars, trucks, sprinter vans, box trucks, service vehicles, and other commercial fleet vehicles.

Contact us to make your next appointment or to set up a fleet vehicle maintenance plan at our Windsor, CA auto repair shop trusted by drivers and fleet managers throughout the Sonoma County area.