When behind the wheel having a perfect view of the road is critical as most decisions depend on what you see directly in front of you. Therefore drivers must ensure their headlights are checked and cleaned often so they’re functioning effectively especially at night time. Studies conducted by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that nearly half of all traffic-related fatalities occur in the dark and should therefore be a clear reminder of why you should check your headlight switch.

Problems with Your Headlight Switch

Headlight SwitchApart from the usual reasons why headlight capabilities may be impaired a faulty headlight switch can also be one reason why headlights do not work. More commonly referred to as the dimmer switch this is an electronic switch that is responsible for controlling the vehicle’s headlight functions.

The headlight switch is usually located on the lever that is mounted on the steering column however they can also come in the form of buttons or knobs mounted on the interior of vehicles. This switch controls the interior lights, the running lights, the low beam headlights and the high beam headlights.

As with most electrical components frequent use eventually results in worn or damaged components that will eventually need replacing at some point. However in most cases when a headlight switch is faulty or malfunctioning there are certain signs that will indicate to drivers that this is happening.

  • Problems when switching headlight modes – One of the most common signs that indicates your headlight switch may be faulty or malfunctioning is experiencing issues when attempting to switch headlight modes. A faulty switch may only work when placed in certain modes or may cause the headlights to blink on and off repeatedly.

  • Difficulties with the high beam mode – Another prevalent tell tale sign of a faulty or malfunctioning headlight switch is when a driver encounters issues operating the high beam mode and more specifically keeping the high beam engaged.To engage the high beam mode switches are usually operated by pulling the lever backwards and locking it into place however with wear or damage the switch can break resulting in the lights staying in high beam mode. With a damaged switch the high beam mode may still may be able to be activated however with a faulty switch the high beam mode may altogether disengage.

  • Vehicle Lights don’t turn on – Lights that do not work at all occur when the headlight switch has totally failed. Neither of the modes work when you attempt to turn on the headlights. This is considered a safety hazard especially in low light conditions or at night.

Making sure that headlights are in excellent condition should be a priority. If you suspect or recognize any signs that indicate the headlight switch may be having an issue it would be best to have the vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic as soon as possible.  Contact us for more information.