When it comes to an oil change, many drivers head off to quick oil change places to have the work done, a task that could take as little as 10 minutes to complete. We are often asked what’s the difference between going to a 10 minute fast lube shop vs. using a trusted auto mechanic. Let us put your mind at ease the next time you are faced with needing an oil change.

Quick oil change places are convenient, but they may not always do a good job. Places that promise a 10-minute oil change are fast because they are in the business to get you in and out. The truth is, you need approximately 30 minutes to an hour depending on the type of  vehicle to properly drain your engine oil.

These shops also don’t employ mechanics, they employ lube technicians that are paid minimum wage and are hourly. Thus, trying to get you to spend more money than necessary on things like dropping $150 on a fluid flush because your oil is dirty. Oil flushing does nothing but lighten the consumers wallet.  Worse, it thins out the oil causing accelerated engine wear. And at the very worst, it causes chunks of sludge buildup to become dislodged and to clog up the oil filter-which would result in catastrophic engine failure.

A licensed auto mechanic might spot a problem with your engine than the average lube technician. This is akin to the difference between seeing a general practitioner for a medical problem versus seeing a specialist.

Finding a good professional mechanic doesn’t have to be as hard as finding a good doctor! People do business with people they trust, and when it comes to potentially high car repair bills, you want to make sure your mechanic is honest, fair and well known in your community.

Lastly, rely on professionals to provide these services. Utilizing a licensed professional is the best way to guarantee a high quality oil change service. Your mechanic will be able to recommend the best grade and weight of oil to use. In addition, they will be able to properly dispose of the used oil.

FAQ Section: Choosing Between Quick Oil Change Shops and Professional Auto Mechanics

  1. What’s the difference between quick oil change shops and professional auto mechanics?

    Quick oil change shops promise speedy service, but they often lack the expertise and attention to detail of professional auto mechanics. Unlike lube technicians at fast lube shops, licensed auto mechanics can provide thorough inspections and detect potential engine issues.

  2. Are quick oil change places worth it?

    While quick oil change places offer convenience, they may prioritize speed over quality. Professional auto mechanics, on the other hand, ensure proper oil drainage and disposal, along with expert recommendations for oil grade and weight.

  3. Do quick oil change shops employ licensed mechanics?

    No, most quick oil change shops employ lube technicians who may lack the expertise of licensed auto mechanics. This can result in missed engine problems and unnecessary upselling of services like oil flushing, which can actually harm your engine.

  4. Why should I choose a professional auto mechanic over a quick oil change shop?

    Opting for a professional auto mechanic ensures your vehicle receives comprehensive care and attention. Just like consulting a specialist for medical concerns, trusting a licensed mechanic for oil changes can prevent potential engine issues down the road.

  5. How can I find a reliable auto mechanic?

    Finding a trusted auto mechanic is essential for ensuring honest and fair service. Look for recommendations from friends and family, read online reviews, and choose a mechanic with a strong reputation in your community.

  6. What are the risks of relying on quick oil change shops?

    Quick oil change shops may overlook critical engine issues, leading to potential engine damage or failure. Additionally, lube technicians may push unnecessary services, resulting in wasted money and potential harm to your vehicle.

  7. What benefits do professional auto mechanics offer?

    Professional auto mechanics provide expert insights, thorough inspections, and personalized recommendations for your vehicle’s maintenance needs. Their expertise ensures your car receives the highest quality care and attention.

  8. How can I ensure a high-quality oil change service?

    Relying on a licensed professional auto mechanic is the best way to guarantee a high-quality oil change service. They can recommend the right oil grade and weight for your vehicle and ensure proper disposal of used oil.

  9. What should I consider when choosing between quick oil change shops and auto mechanics?

    When choosing between quick oil change shops and auto mechanics, consider factors like expertise, reputation, and quality of service. While quick oil change shops offer convenience, professional auto mechanics provide thorough and reliable care for your vehicle.

  10. Why is it important to trust professionals for oil change services?

    Trusting professionals for oil change services ensures your vehicle’s longevity and performance. Licensed auto mechanics have the expertise to detect potential engine issues and provide tailored recommendations for maintaining your car’s health.